Monday, January 5, 2009

i promise

So i'm behind on my new year's resolution.
Isn't that just like me. I'm behind on my christmas cards & thank you notes too.
But look! here I am, blogging. and that's rezzo #1.
I promise.
I started a list today at ideas.
There is no shortage. I just have to go on down the list! Easy.

First...before any of that, I have to stop. Breathe.
..and remember a beautiful friend, Rozelle Lentjes.
A ray of pure sunlight, who left us just a few days ago, on January first.
She made it through the holidays with her dear & precious family gathered with her, after a year of bravely battling wicked unfair cancer.
I will be forever grateful for her generous spirit, her creativity, her unwavering faith.
My dear friend Jane dedicated her blog on Country Living to Rozelle, and you can read it here,
I cannot say it any better.

Last year Rozelle's beautiful pillows were in the windows of ABC Carpet & Home.
This December it was this angel.


Cherish every moment.
Promise to try.


tammy smith said...

Happy New Year Margo!
So sorry the new year brought a loss of someone you love.
Great to see you blogging again though-I'll keep checking in on you to see that you keep your rezzy-
take care-Tammy

red ticking said...

i loved rozelle and am so saddened... she will be so truly missed... pam robinson ...redticking..seattle

Linda Thiltgen said...

I like that...I will promise to try. ..Wishing you peace and you have my sympathy for your loss.
I also love this quote "Don't die wondering." I am kicking it down in 09.
Love and hugs to you.