Thursday, November 13, 2008

close to you

How crazy is it that two girls from opposite continents should meet, become dearest friends, and in the span of 15 years...marry, visit, love, lose, laugh, cry, unmarry, cherish, create, fall, pick up, live in England, live in California, really love,....then both end up....crazy as it may seem, in KANSAS CITY...with little boys just 6 weeks apart? 4 blocks apart? 

The English one is the amazingly talented Sarah Lugg. Here on Artslice,  is a lovely blog article about her talents. She is modest and amazing and so much more, all wrapped into wonderful. I can't believe I can call her & be in the same time zone, let alone walk over to her HOUSE with my BOY. lucky me.

Vicky is smiling down indeed.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So really, the goal of this blog, and what lights me up the to be able to share the work of creative people. I am continually inspired by the talent around me, every day. It's in all of us, you know.

Here, I have a place to share with you posts, people & places that are in my opinion, noteworthy.

Right now in Atlanta GA it's 11:11. and today, is 11/11. So I find it only fitting & perfect to start off the creative parade with one who lives & breathes it every day.  To live in & around your work and still love it and know it informs your very being & your livelihood...that's a rare thing.
This is a rare man. A talented photographer who puts his soul on the shutter button. Paul Hultberg.  I am lucky to know him. 

People who any way, share bits of themselves with the rest of us. I love that. The vulnerability of putting yourself out there is actually giving a gift, a snapshot of who you really are. 

And here, after an hour of figuring out how to write computer code to get this all to input is now 11:11 Central time. Go figure.

And create, while you're at it.

Monday, October 6, 2008


                                                Cooper and Daisy
                                                More mirrors?
One of my weekend necessities her in KC is a trip to the River Market. www.thecitymarket.orgFor us that includes picks from bountiful midwestern farms,..(earlier this summer I was a blackberry-a-holic) breakfast at Succotash, and a veture into the many creaky & deal-filled floors of the River Market Antique Mall.www.rivermarketantiquemall.comThe coors saturday were rich & vibrant, ..turning towards fall. Cooper got a chance to play with a dairy calf, & I came home with the tiniest of fingerling potatoes, sweetest sungold tomatoes, and two garnet colored mums to add to the pumpkins on the porch.
                                               The weekend wasn't long enough.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

far & dear

Facebook. An element of our times. Can I just say though, how golden it is to find myself chatting away with one of my dearest friends from my days at Cheley Colorado Camps...Thanks, technology. And Trigger Bill.

So, in July our little family moved to KC, Mo...right about at the M on the green map here. I work for Hallmark, officially "Director of Retail Gift". Unofficially, I get to work with several floors of highly creative & graciously dedicated people. As this blog unfolds, I'll speak more about why I do what I do.

For now, I'll leave you with a few shots of where the pumpkins landed, perhaps you'd wondered.

And remember how GOOD it feels to talk to those who mean so much, and how delicious it is when time melts away....

           Mills Lake, CO...late 70's

Orange you glad

Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch...40 acres of lumpy funky gourds & pumpkins smack in the middle of the Midwest.  Makes a California girl feel good when she can pile 3 wheelbarrows full of mostly NOT orange pumpkins on her front porch. Cooper loved it. And the cider slushes & home made donuts were...irresistible.