Thursday, November 13, 2008

close to you

How crazy is it that two girls from opposite continents should meet, become dearest friends, and in the span of 15 years...marry, visit, love, lose, laugh, cry, unmarry, cherish, create, fall, pick up, live in England, live in California, really love,....then both end up....crazy as it may seem, in KANSAS CITY...with little boys just 6 weeks apart? 4 blocks apart? 

The English one is the amazingly talented Sarah Lugg. Here on Artslice,  is a lovely blog article about her talents. She is modest and amazing and so much more, all wrapped into wonderful. I can't believe I can call her & be in the same time zone, let alone walk over to her HOUSE with my BOY. lucky me.

Vicky is smiling down indeed.

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Lisa said...

Margo - I was thinking of Sarah recently and googled her thinking she may be back in UK but was so delighted to read your blog - and sorry I did not realize that you were now a mother too! Congratulations! So glad you guys are now so close. Do give her my best, Lisa McGee