Monday, September 21, 2009


oh my GOODness. i have been absent & remiss, & in that time, several of the lovely women from the wonderful Julie Arkell summer course at Briancon have or have started their own blogs!

i am drooling.
i had to share, immediately.

danielle the wonderful.....(& her frightfully creative daughter)

miz jone herself, who sips chai in Santa Fe & is very good about keeping in touch...

gentle joanna
and her lovely family...

the ever clever taylor who so generously shares color....

who's photographs make me happier than i can even begin to express....

sam who inspires us all, and set up the blog that we all share, Pantry Violets!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Homemade Circus

Anyone heading to the Rosen Show in Philadephia this weekend?
Well if you are, then you are in LUCK, because my great friend Tammy is having her debut show there. If not, well, there are other ways to collect her amazing sculptures, wall pieces & general fabulousness. Try her Etsy Shop, Homemade Circus.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ok, i'm back.

Now that I have more blogging friends, I obviously have to step up & actually POST. SO! I promise to. Here are some images from our walk tonight...balmy, nice, a slight breeze, and....Cooper's first puddle!!! (ok, mom was really excited by the fabric on the sofa left on the curb. But I was vetoed.)

Have a lovely evening, all!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

perfect thing for a sunday afternoon

i have a favorite antique-y spot in KC, naturally. It's 4 floors of cramped & creaky stalls in a fabulously shabby old furniture factory. and it's just 2 blocks from the fabulous farmers market, previously mentioned. sunday afternoon we decided to go poke it was a perfect day for it & we needed a family outing.

lookit this! it was a set of hats & a uniform shirt for a long disbanded TWA baseball team. Very fabulous, that someone saved it.

plastic everywhere, from plain to multi colored. stacks & stacks.

a floor patch..

who wouldn't want these?!

bright & fun

clean & sophisticated..

something for everyone.

these are what we took home.....

one more great little vignette...

and Cooper even found something he liked!

Not hard to do at the Riverfront Antique Mall. Ask for Donnie, his booth is the best. And if he's not at Round Top, Walnut or Brimfield, he'll help you find just what you are looking for.

Monday, February 2, 2009

New York is a GIFT

January....Gift Show time.
And I dropped and broke my camera on the way out the door. Drat & double drat.
These are pics, then, from my ancient creaky contract-is-up cell phone.
The snow is white, the streets are clean...for just a moment. I love that moment.
More beautiful fabric from Legacy Designs...hand screened on miles of linen.
Metal 1/2 globe lamp...available soon...
A cascade of simple silky butterflies that just caught my eye...perhaps promise of spring?
Mary Emmerling & Jennifer Kopf...not so ready for spring. But the hats are quite worthy.
And finally, I love this sentiment. A decent reminder lest we forget.

The show was great, full of creative people, not so full of buyers. May we all hold on & stick together through these trying times... and keep inspiring each other.

You ALL inspire me. You know who you are.

Monday, January 5, 2009

i promise

So i'm behind on my new year's resolution.
Isn't that just like me. I'm behind on my christmas cards & thank you notes too.
But look! here I am, blogging. and that's rezzo #1.
I promise.
I started a list today at ideas.
There is no shortage. I just have to go on down the list! Easy.

First...before any of that, I have to stop. Breathe.
..and remember a beautiful friend, Rozelle Lentjes.
A ray of pure sunlight, who left us just a few days ago, on January first.
She made it through the holidays with her dear & precious family gathered with her, after a year of bravely battling wicked unfair cancer.
I will be forever grateful for her generous spirit, her creativity, her unwavering faith.
My dear friend Jane dedicated her blog on Country Living to Rozelle, and you can read it here,
I cannot say it any better.

Last year Rozelle's beautiful pillows were in the windows of ABC Carpet & Home.
This December it was this angel.


Cherish every moment.
Promise to try.