Monday, February 2, 2009

New York is a GIFT

January....Gift Show time.
And I dropped and broke my camera on the way out the door. Drat & double drat.
These are pics, then, from my ancient creaky contract-is-up cell phone.
The snow is white, the streets are clean...for just a moment. I love that moment.
More beautiful fabric from Legacy Designs...hand screened on miles of linen.
Metal 1/2 globe lamp...available soon...
A cascade of simple silky butterflies that just caught my eye...perhaps promise of spring?
Mary Emmerling & Jennifer Kopf...not so ready for spring. But the hats are quite worthy.
And finally, I love this sentiment. A decent reminder lest we forget.

The show was great, full of creative people, not so full of buyers. May we all hold on & stick together through these trying times... and keep inspiring each other.

You ALL inspire me. You know who you are.

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