Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ok, i'm back.

Now that I have more blogging friends, I obviously have to step up & actually POST. SO! I promise to. Here are some images from our walk tonight...balmy, nice, a slight breeze, and....Cooper's first puddle!!! (ok, mom was really excited by the fabric on the sofa left on the curb. But I was vetoed.)

Have a lovely evening, all!


Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Hi Margo!
I´m so happy that you´re blogging and I´m so happy that we met, in France!
The first time, in the trainstation in Angouléme, I said to myself;
-Yes, she really looks nice and cool!
It´s a bit frustrating though, not to be able to express yourself the way you are used to, I´m thinking of the language now, that´s why I was more of a listener during the workshop... But that was really nice and interesting too!
But I wished that I would have been more able to contribute to the conversations around the table.

Cooper is really cute!
My son, Pablo, celebrated his seventeenth birthday yesterday.
Talk to you soon again
Lots of love

ShandiMarie said...

Hi Margo! I hope you and John are both doing well, I just wanted to say hi! Cooper is too cute, can't wait to be back in Missouri so I can come visit you guys again!

Linda Thiltgen said...

Blogging is hard work. Well, I mean it's just hard to find the time and get it done. I love reading and keeping up with friends, but usually talk myself out of posting because I think it won't be of interest. I think it just takes doing it. So...I'll take your lead and try being better about it as well. Love and hugs to all.

suedreamer said...

hey!!!!!!!!!!! i sat down long enough to get this far so i have to say hi!!!!!!!!! had the best time with jone...and then oolie! cooper is soooooo him with the flower in his face!!!! i am new at this too but i want to do it. i guess we"ll sleep when we"re dead! can't wait to see you in person again!!!! xoxoxoxo,sue