Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So really, the goal of this blog, and what lights me up the most...is to be able to share the work of creative people. I am continually inspired by the talent around me, every day. It's in all of us, you know.

Here, I have a place to share with you posts, people & places that are in my opinion, noteworthy.

Right now in Atlanta GA it's 11:11. and today, is 11/11. So I find it only fitting & perfect to start off the creative parade with one who lives & breathes it every day.  To live in & around your work and still love it and know it informs your very being & your livelihood...that's a rare thing.
This is a rare man. A talented photographer who puts his soul on the shutter button. Paul Hultberg.  I am lucky to know him. 

People who create..in any way, share bits of themselves with the rest of us. I love that. The vulnerability of putting yourself out there is actually giving a gift, a snapshot of who you really are. 

And here, after an hour of figuring out how to write computer code to get this all to input correctly...it is now 11:11 Central time. Go figure.

And create, while you're at it.

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