Monday, October 6, 2008


                                                Cooper and Daisy
                                                More mirrors?
One of my weekend necessities her in KC is a trip to the River Market. www.thecitymarket.orgFor us that includes picks from bountiful midwestern farms,..(earlier this summer I was a blackberry-a-holic) breakfast at Succotash, and a veture into the many creaky & deal-filled floors of the River Market Antique Mall.www.rivermarketantiquemall.comThe coors saturday were rich & vibrant, ..turning towards fall. Cooper got a chance to play with a dairy calf, & I came home with the tiniest of fingerling potatoes, sweetest sungold tomatoes, and two garnet colored mums to add to the pumpkins on the porch.
                                               The weekend wasn't long enough.


Against Big Brother said...

visit this blog. thank you.

ellencrimitrent said...

Hi Margo,

I just was on friend and fellow blogger Jennifer Paganelli's blog and saw your name on her list and wanted to say hello. The last time I saw you, which was in Atlanta last year you were quite pregnant, congrads on the little guy!!

I heard you left Midwest and wondered where you went, I hope this was a great move for you, now your in my brother-in-laws territory. I have have never been there myself but know many people out there. Just watch those tornados!

Yes I am up late but such is the life of an artist, it seems work is always looming no matter what time it is.

Okay time for a glass of wine and relaxing!